By Andy Gray
April 22, 2014

Get Excited, Stars Fans!

Dallas Stars fan :: Getty Images Dallas Stars fan :: Getty Images

It's a good time to be a Stars fan. The team is back in the playoffs after a six-year drought and clawed back into its first-round series against the Ducks with a 3-0 victory last night. More importantly, Tyler Seguin's game-used jock from a Bruins-Capitals series is now on eBay and can be yours for the low price of $250.

Hank Gets a Dog House

The rags to riches story of Hank the stray pup, who was saved by the Brewers during spring training, continued yesterday when the once homeless dog moved into his new digs at Miller Park. And if you love dogs, here are some athletes with man's best friend.

Toronto Fans Lay Into Phil Kessel

Poor Maple Leafs fans. The team faltered late in the season and fell from from third in the Eastern Conference to out of the playoffs entirely. So when the team's top scorer (and fan punching bag), Phil Kessel, sent out what he thought to be a relatively harmless tweet about night fishing with friends, it was no surprise that the Toronto faithful let him have it.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Anastasia Ashley became the latest SI Swimsuit model to pose for Carl's Jr., joining Nina Agdal, Katherine Webb, Heidi Klum and Kate Upton. I spoke with Anastasia and she said there are no plans for a commercial ... yet. In other words, go to her Instagram page and like the photo, send it to your friends and do everything you can so the fine folks at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's decide to give Anastasia her own commercial. I mean, have you seen Nina's ad?

Look Out, Hollywood

Jose Cansco shot a cameo for the movie Piranha Sharks, coming to a movie theater DVD near you.

You're Gonna Want These Sneakers

Nike will release a Bo Jackson "Broken Bats" sneaker on Friday for $130. The shoe will have Jackson's No. 16 on the back and an arcade image of him snapping a bat in half on his knee.

From the SI Vault

Babe Ruth :: AP Babe Ruth :: AP

Exactly 100 years ago today, Orioles pitcher Babe Ruth played in his first pro game, a 6-0 International League victory over Providence. Ruth (pictured here in 1924) would go onto become the game's most celebrated player. SI's Robert W. Creamer profiled Ruth in 1974 and touched on his early success (and strange underwear habits):

"Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore in 1894. He was not an orphan (his mother died when he was 16, his father when he was a major-leaguer) but at eight he was put in St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys for "incorrigible" behavior. He spent most of his youth behind the walls of St. Mary's, where he developed into a splendid baseball player. In 1914 he was released to join the minor league Baltimore Orioles as a pitcher. He was an instant success, and in July that year moved up to the Boston Red Sox. By 1916 he was the best left-handed pitcher in baseball, with a 23-12 record, and an impressive slugger, too. During the 1918 season he began his transition from mound to outfield, from pitching to hitting—and in 1919 launched his dazzling assault on the game's home-run records.

He was very much a celebrity now as the country turned away from war and toward peace. On the Red Sox ball club he was the king, the unquestioned star of the best team in baseball, winners of the World Series three times in four years. He was not yet 25 but, except for outfielder Harry Hooper and shortstop Deacon Scott, he was senior man on the club in point of service and far and away the best paid.

Wherever he happened to be, he was the focus of attention. During the 1918 season he drew louder and more sustained applause than anyone else. The other players, teammates and opponents both, liked him, or at least enjoyed being around him. He was such an outspoken, engaging extrovert they could not help being amused and entertained by him. And they were in genuine awe of the way he could hit, the way he could play baseball. Nonetheless, they rode him constantly, his teammates relatively gently but his opponents often viciously. They mocked him, jeered him, made pointed insults about his round, flat-nosed, heavily tanned face. They called him monkey, baboon, ape, gorilla. The terms were not used with rough affection; they were insults, harsh comments on his homeliness, his ignorance, his crudity. When he was still relatively new to the major leagues someone noticed in the clubhouse that he had the distressing habit after taking a shower of putting back on the same sweaty underwear he had taken off after the game, and of wearing the same underwear day after day. Baseball wit is seldom subtle, and Ruth, who only a few years before had come out of St. Mary's home for boys, took a cruel barrage of heavy-handed comment for this singular lack of personal fastidiousness. He reacted by abandoning underwear completely and for years thereafter wore nothing at all beneath his expensive suits and silk shirts."

Odds and Ends

A Mets fan was nearly impaled by Daniel Murphy's broken bat ... The Arkansas Razorbacks revealed their new uniforms and logo ... DeSean Jackson was very excited about seeing Rihanna ... Josh Reddick paid tribute to his favorite pro wrestler ... Nintendo's Gameboy turns 25 and commemorated the occasion in GIFs ... The 100 funniest yearbook quotes of all time .. A 16-year-old ran away from home and spent five hours in the wheel well of a plane that flew from San Jose to Maui ... A Colorado Springs bar owner was fined $21,000 over karaoke.

Anastasia Ashley is a Hot Clicks Fan

And here is the video to prove it.

Billy Hamilton is Fast

The Reds speedster somehow beat out this grounder to first base.

[mlbvideo id="32234949" width="600" height="336" /]

NHL Fights of the Year

Bloguin has collected the 15 best fights of the NHL season. Dallas' Antoine Roussel and Nashville's Kevin Klein are No. 1 for this masterpiece.

Brian Williams Video of the Day

Jimmy Fallon featured another amazing video of the NBC Nightly News anchor showing off his rap skills. Hypervocal has Williams' previous five "performances" in case you missed them.

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