By Nicole Conlan
April 28, 2014

It's always a bummer to be a fan of the losing team at a game, but some days are a bigger bummer than others. One Polish fan found that out after the relegation round of the Polish Ekstraklasa this weekend. After Zaglebie Lubin lost their match, Lubin fans let their disappointment be known with lots of chanting and flares.

Soccer Fan Rushes Field, Attempts to Hug Player, Misses

When one flare-wielding gentleman climbed up a barricade, he was met with a douse of pepper spray from a security guard. Apparently they don't get Mythbusters in Poland, otherwise they would have realized that pepper spray is quite flammable.

They figured it out pretty quickly though (the moment in question occurs around the 1:30 mark), and while the fan was on fire for just a moment, and was apparently unharmed, it (rightfully) spooked him enough to get him back to his seat. He was, however, left with the coolest profile picture of all time:

[Yahoo! Sports]

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