By Nicole Conlan
April 30, 2014

1690 Swimwear Launch Party

Now that Donald Sterling is banned for life, plenty of celebrities have stepped up with offers to buy the Clippers. One of those celebrities: Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz.

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Muniz made his announcement via this extremely long Facebook post last night. And as easy as it might be to make fun of him, he actually seems like a very earnest, interested buyer:

I always used to say, one day, the Clippers will be in the position where they could win a NBA Championship, and as a super fan, I could not wait for that day.


I am a Clippers fan. I've never been a fan of the owner. I never wanted the team to win for the owner. I am a fan of the players, the coaches, and I root for the team to win for the fans. Clipper Nation. I root for the team to win for themselves. For their dreams and aspirations.

And if that didn't make his intentions clear enough, he also sent this tweet:

Okay. "For their dreams and aspirations" is maybe a little dramatic. But you can bet that Agent Cody Banks would never go off on a racist rant or demean the team he owns. Maybe we should give Frankie a shot.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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