By Bryan Rose
May 03, 2014

[mlbvideo id="32539987" width="600" height="324" /]

Apparently, the path to the Dark Side is not through a baseball mound. That or Darth Vader didn't grow up throwing baseballs in the Galactic Empire.

During his pit stop at a Cincinnati Reds game on Friday night, the Sith Lord threw a ceremonial first pitch right into the ground, forcing Mr. Redlegs to make a rather impressive stop, thereby preserving the health of Gapper, who was playing the role of umpire.

Vader was none too happy about his poor throw, placing his arms in the air before choking out both mascots in front of thousands of horrified fans.

Okay, maybe the second part didn't happen, but fear not Mr. Vader, at least this throw was better than your previous attempt.



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