By Ben Sin
May 05, 2014


A few days after LeBron James launched his official, eponymous app exclusively for Samsung Galaxy users, another LeBron-inspired app has popped up on the market, but unlike the LeBron app at Google Play – a promotional product aimed to build James’ brand – this iTunes-exclusive app isn’t officially backed by the King.

Titled “A Floppy King James in: Impossible Basket-ball Chase PRO”, the new app is a Floppy Bird ripoff, but as the title suggests, instead of controlling a bird, users control LeBron James. Instead of navigating through pipes, this digital James has to navigate through brick pillars in what one is probably supposed to be Miami.

The game’s developer is Oliver Saylor, a 25-year-old from Copenhagen. A browse through his Twitter account shows he is, indeed, an NBA fan, and if there was any doubt that “Floppy King James” was meant to be a diss, this tweet settles it.

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