By Brendan Maloy
May 13, 2014

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The San Francisco 49ers are planning on opening their new Levi's Stadium in August, but they have run into a little snag -- they currently have little to no parking for the 68,500-seat arena.

The team is now demanding that the city prevent 49ers great Joe Montana from developing a $400 million dollar hotel and entertainment complex near the field by 49ers great Joe Montana, so they can use the area for parking. The team says they are entitled to the land for parking based on the 2012 agreement they signed with the city, according to

Just sharing parking spaces with the development won't do, the team says. Niners President Larry MacNeil told city officials in a letter Feb. 10 that if Montana's $400 million project goes ahead, Santa Clara needs to come up with 8.5 acres of replacement parking free of charge.

The team is also looking into building parking over some nearby youth soccer fields, so their current options are either taking on their franchise's most beloved player or a group of school children. Not an ideal situation.

Presumably, Joe Montana will be listening to this song on repeat until the dispute is settled:


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