By Nicole Conlan
May 16, 2014

You know what the most beautiful trophies in sports look like -- the Stanley Cup, the Claret Jug, the Wanamaker Trophy. But did you realize what kind of craftsmanship goes into each one of these beautiful cups?

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This new behind-the-scenes video shows the painstaking labor that goes into the construction of the new Football Association Cup, which will debut this weekend at Wembley. This is only the 3rd version of the trophy to be constructed since 1911, so it's a pretty big deal.

From the video's description:

Made by world renowned silversmiths Thomas Lyte of London, the new trophy is made from 6.3kg of sterling silver and, standing at 61.5cm, is a perfect replica of the 1911 trophy. The 1992 trophy will remain in The FA's possession at Wembley Stadium. ...

As official silversmiths, Thomas Lyte Silver, is one of the few remaining craftwork shops in the UK producing exquisite gold and silver trophies. The London workshops are responsible for designing and making trophies across the globe and are official restorers of silverware to Buckingham Palace.

Gosh. I would have just used papier-mâché.

The video is amazing and shows what a true work of art each cup is. That being said, it's taken all my willpower not to make a million Johnny Tremain references while talking about silversmiths.


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