By Bryan Rose
May 17, 2014

[mlbvideo id="32929551" width="600" height="424" /]

Arrive early to a Major League Baseball game and you'll see a lot of unique festivities taking place on the field before first pitch. But a cow-milking contest? If you happen to be in Anaheim, California, then yes, that's exactly what you'll see.

Prior to Friday evening's tilt against the Tampa Bay Rays, Angels infielder Luis Jimenez met former American League Cy Young award winner and Tampa Bay ace David Price behind home plate where the two squared off in the Angels 40th annual cow-milking contest.

Pumping some smooth R&B tunes out of his iPhone in hopes of relaxing the cow, Price tugged away on 'Elsa' while Jimenez milked 'Anna'.

Unfortunately for Price it wasn't much of a competition as Jimenez came away the clear winner, this after pumping a pound of milk while the Tampa Bay pitcher could only muster a half pound in the timed competition.

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