By Dan Treadway
May 21, 2014

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On Tuesday evening, the Cleveland Cavaliers landed the first overall pick in the NBA Draft for the third time in four seasons. The Cavs, who only had a 1.7 percent chance at winning the draft lottery, now stand poised to either select or trade for a superstar player.

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As it is, the NBA lottery has always been an event shrouded with conspiracy theories, with the premise behind each of them almost always being that the league rigs the event in order to prop up a single franchise. With this in mind, it should probably come as no surprise then that the conspiracy theorists were out in full force after the Cavaliers landed the top selection in this year's draft. You know, because the health of the league as a whole is almost entirely dependent on Cleveland being a competitive franchise:

This is a parody account, but I'll allow it.

But I do have to give props to this guy who somehow saw this coming before the Lottery began:


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