Soccer Fans Mistakenly Parade Through Streets Of Colombia Celebrating A Championship They Didn't Win

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Oops. These Colombian soccer fans didn't win anything... but I don't want to be the one to tell them.

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After losing a match against Atlético Nacional, fans of Junior Football Club because spreading rumors that due to multiple illegal substitutions from Atlético, the victory would be overturned and giving to Junior F.C. When the Junior fans in this video heard the news, they were elated. There's just one problem -- those rumors don't have a lick of truth to them. Not only has the league not reviewed the decisions made in the game, Junior F.C. themselves haven't even filed a complaint.

It's easy to make fun of these soccer fans for their error, but maybe we shouldn't be so harsh on them. After all, isn't any excuse for a party a good one?


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