By Brendan Maloy
May 27, 2014

(Justin Sullivan/Getty images) (Justin Sullivan/Getty images)

Just a few weeks before the 2014 World Cup is set to begin, Hotel Portobello and the Royal Tulip Hotel -- the hotels in which the English and Italian national teams are scheduled to stay, respectively -- were raided by government officials who forced the kitchens to throw away over 450 pounds of food.

The purge included large amounts of seafood, meat, and cheese that had either spoiled, or had no visible expiration date written on it.

Both hotels also received warnings from Brazil's State Secretariat for the Defense and Protection of Consumers for failing to provide condoms at cost for their guests, which is required by Brazilian law.

I'm sure the Italian and English teams are definitely happy that the government caught both violations before their teams decamped.



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