By Jeremy Woo
June 06, 2014

In the past year, Los Angeles Dodgers star  Yasiel Puig has taken baseball by storm with his immense gifts and happy-go-lucky approach to the game (and life in general).

He's also become one of the most entertaining athletes across the universe of social media. If you like entertaining things and aren't following Puig's Instagram account, which chronicles his travels around the country, Dodgers clubhouse happenings and his love of his teammates, you probably should be.

In today's edition of Where in the World is Yasiel Puig, we find the Cuban outfielder in Colorado, where the Dodgers will begin a series with the Rockies. To be more specific, he's sitting in a patch of snow.

What are you building there, Yasiel?

Is it a snow-version of Bartolo Colon?

If you guessed he was working on the letters "L.A.," props to you.

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