By Andy Gray
June 16, 2014

Simply The Best

Tim Duncan :: Greg Nelson/SI Tim Duncan :: Greg Nelson/SI

One year after the most excruciating loss in NBA Finals history, the Spurs got revenge by dismantling the Heat and capturing their fifth championship. Kawhi Leonard, 22, became the third-youngest Finals MVP and discussed the tragic death of his father after the game. Tim Duncan gave former teammate David Robinson a bearhug then invited his kids to the postgame presser. Australia native Patty Mills "frogged" while posing with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, so "frogging" is now a thing. As for the action on the court, Manu Ginobili turned back time with this emphatic dunk and LeBron James gave us one last chase down and block to remember during the offseason. The Heat star is already being trolled via this T-shirt and appeared to be crying on the bench, which to no one's surprise, made for some great internet memes.

Hot Clicks Housekeeping

A quick thank you to Brett Smiley, who covered for me while I was on vacation. It's now the slow part of the sports year (minus that  pesky World Cup), which gives me a little time to experiment with Hot Clicks and try out some new features. If there's anything in you want to see more of, less of or have a question for my first Hot Clicks Q&A, please email me at OK, enough about that. Here are photos of Johnny Manziel's newest ladyfriend, Colleen Crowley.

Arrest of the Weekend

From the "yes, this really happened" files, the golf cart driver for NBC reporter Roger Maltbie was arrested at the U.S. Open on Saturday after running over the foot of a North Carolina state trooper and trying to drive away to avoid punishment.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amber Stevens is not only starring in the 21 Jump Street sequel (the big winner at this weekend's box office, FYI), but also the daughter of Shadoe StevensThese credentials definitely earn her today's LLOD honors.

My Favorite 2014 World Cup Story

Japanese fans cleaned up litter in their section after the team's loss to The Ivory Coast on Sunday.

Jameis Winston Will Never Live This Down

A Florida woman was arrested last week after stuffing seven lobster tails down her pants and walking out of a Publix without paying. And since it's 2014, Jameis Winston heard all about it on Twitter.

From the SI Vault

Lou Brock :: Louis Requena/Getty Images Lou Brock :: Louis Requena/Getty Images

Fifty years ago today, Lou Brock made his debut in a St. Louis uniform with two hits, including a triple, and a stolen base. The former Cub was traded (with Jack Spring and Paul Toth) to the Cardinals in exchange for Ernie Broglio, Bobby Shantz and Doug Clemens. On Sept. 21, three months after the trade, Brock was named SI's Player of the Week.

"At Chicago's Wrigley Field, where Outfielder Lou Brock played for the Cubs before he was traded to the Cardinals in June, the fans used to get on him. Brock fielded poorly, hit only in the mid-.200s and was not often allowed to show off his strongest baseball talent—base stealing. Overall, it was a situation that did not bring cheers for Lou. It was more likely to provoke barbs like " Brock, as in Rock" from the bleacherites. But whenBing Devine, former Cardinal general manager, traded away two slumping pitchers, Ernie Broglio and Bobby Shantz, to get Brock, he did it with one thing in mind—to juice up the St. Louis base running. So when Brock arrived, Cardinal Manager Johnny Keane let him run on his own and the speedster did the rest. Opening up at full throttle, he has stolen 31 bases since joining the team. He also opened up at the plate—his stance, that is—and has begun hitting his old bugaboo, inside pitches. Batting .344 since June, Brock has drawn nary a boo in St. Lou, where the fans are so pleased by his daring base running and his hitting, including nine home runs, that they are cheering loudly. Last week, as the Cards continued their late run at the pennant, Lou was showing the way with a .412 average (he is now the league's seventh best batter with .310 for the year), three homers, 10 RBIs and three stolen bases—a performance that has Cards' fans agreeing that the name is Brock, as in Sock."

Odds and Ends

Lionel Messi's game-winning goal from Argentina's victory over Bosnia-Herzgovina ... This is the best reason Carmelo Anthony should join the Heat ... I'm excited for the Jose Canseco Home Run Tour ... Yasiel Puig's latest bat flip nearly hit an umpire ... ESPN's Buster Olney made the catch of the weekend ... Bronson Arroyo might miss his first start in 19 years ... The Flyers Ice Girls have a much harder job than most think ... Zach Johnson scored a hole-in-one during U.S. Open play on Sunday ... Babe Ruth and his dad at a bar in 1915 ... Even astronauts at the International Space Station have World Cup fever ... Alaska now has free pregnancy tests in bar bathrooms ... Samuel L. Jackson can still recite his famous speech from Pulp Fiction.

NBA Players Read Mean Tweets

They even got Dikembe Mutombo!


Adam Jones takes out the umpire on the base paths during Sunday's Orioles-Blue Jays game.

Goosebump Time

A look at last six decades of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Television.

Courtney Cox Turns 50

This appearance in the Dancing in the Dark video remains her best work.

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