By Andy Gray
June 17, 2014

What A Start!

John Brooks :: AP John Brooks :: AP

The United States fought through heat and injury to down Ghana in a memorable World Cup opener, thanks to a late goal from John Brooks. The 21-year-old, who is the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln (according to his Wikipedia page, at least), eerily had a dream two nights ago about scoring the winning goal on a header.  The game was a painful one for the American team as Jozy Altidore appeared to tear his hamstring while Clint Dempsey got kicked in the face and likely suffered a broken nose. American fans erupted after the victory and the celebration videos have gone viral (this slow-motion celebration is my favorite). Twitter also went wild after the victory as everyone from Tim Tebow to Michelle Obama weighed in. Delta Airlines also weighed in on Twitter and then had to apologize for its lack of giraffe knowledge. The U.S. will face the Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal squad on Sunday.

Speaking of Ronaldo

Germany coach Joachim Loew gave Ronaldo a special handshake after yesterday's match.

Remembering Tony Gwynn

From the Mariners placing a No. 19 in the "5.5 hole" to the Fenway Park organist playing San Diego Serenadebaseball paid tribute to the late Tony Gwynn last night. Former players and writers also chimed in with their favorite Gwynn memories while Vin Scully offered a special memory of the Padres legend.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Cyrus from Boulder emailed to suggest I make Yara Khmidan a LLOD. As usual, Cyrus from Boulder is spot-on with his choice.

Evan Longoria Has A Blonde Mohawk

When you're engaged to Jamie Edmondson, you can do whatever the hell you want with your hair.

Michael Vick Hits Walk-Off Home Run

Michael Vick showed off his hitting skills with a walk-off home run during a charity softball game for the Team Vick Foundation. He celebrated by running the wrong way around the bases.

From the SI Vault

The O.J. Simpson chase :: AP The O.J. Simpson chase :: AP

Twenty years ago today, O.J. Simpson and Al Cowlings famously led Los Angeles police on a 50-mile chase down Interstate 405. The chase, which was watched by a reported 95 million viewers, finally ended when Simpson returned to his Brentwood home. Richard Hoffer describes the scene in the June 27, 1994 issue of SI:

The story was uniquely Californian, beginning with the discovery shortly after midnight on Monday, June 13, of two bodies on a blood-soaked sidewalk in affluent Brentwood and ending surreally four days later with the celebrity suspect traveling slowly along Los Angeles freeways, pointing a gun at his own head, as the police trailed in stately pursuit. Only in California can crime conform so neatly to cinema. As millions watched the drama unfold on television, brought into their homes by an Apocalypse Now formation of news helicopters, images from any number of other movies were evoked. The story started with The Fugitive—a popular and upstanding citizen is accused of savagely murdering his wife—and evolved into The Sugarland Express or Vanishing Point when, during L.A.'s evening rush hour last Friday, thousands of cheering people materialized along freeway barriers and on overpasses, some of them with adoring signs, to celebrate this outlaw in the Ford Bronco, trotting toward his own personal border.

And then the saga veered into Sunset Boulevard, as one of America's most familiar personalities sat in the Bronco, now parked just outside the door of his Brentwood house, not even a half mile from the real Sunset Boulevard. Camera crews jostled for angles in the waning light as police, including a member of a SWAT team dressed as a bush, drew a bead on him and negotiated his arrest. Then O.J. Simpson, finally ready for his close-up, emerged from the vehicle in which he had been a passenger, leaving the gun behind but carrying two framed family photographs with him into custody.

Odds and Ends

Rays DH Jerry Sands broke his bat on three consecutive swings during Sunday's game against the Astros ... Former Red Sox pitching prospect Daniel Bard has allowed 13 runs in Single-A without giving up a hit ... The 2014 World Cup lookalike team ... A contractor allegedly stole a $10,000 ring from Patriots lineman Nick Solder while doing work on his house ... Kobe Bryant had an interesting response to U.S. Men's National Soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who questioned Bryant's enormous contract extension ... In honor of Tim Duncan (and his two kids, Sydney and Draven), here's a gallery of children attending press conferences ... Ikea is shutting down its most popular fan site ... A 64-year-old man was arrested for cooking meth at a retirement home ... Bill Maher had an interesting take on the difference between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune ... Is it time to start worrying about killer robots?

Tony Gwynn On Hitting

The Padres legend breaks down the science of hitting and demonstrating his early use of video technology in a 1989 episode of  This Week in Baseball.


Lionel Messi breaks a young fan's heart. (H/T Sportsgrid)

Baby Got Back

Brian Williams tackles the Sir Mix-a-Lot classic, thanks to some fancy editing by Jimmy Fallon's staff.

How Dogs React To Human Barking

Dogs are the best. (H/T Jezebel)


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