June 21, 2014
Jose Canseo and turtles

Jose Canseco In Canada

As his 50th birthday approaches, Jose Canseco has embarked on an international bus tour to break the world records for longest softball and baseball home runs. His first destination was Canada, which inspired him to not only list the five reasons he loves the country (with the hashtag #canadaseco), but also to offer Justin Bieber help with “his life problems and scrawniness.” As for the above photo, Canseco posted it to his Instagram account three months ago and said the three turtles are named Juiced, Roid and Rage, so I had to post it.

Air Jordan Wedding

It only makes sense that a couple who got engaged during halftime of a Lakers game would hold an Air Jordan-themed wedding. The bride explains the unique wedding idea: “Since we already had a central theme (our sneaker addiction), everything else fell into place. The miniature sneaker boutonnières, the shoelace bouquet, the table numbers representing the different kinds of Jordans, our invite that was a mini shoebox – we were just bursting with ideas because we chose a theme that meant something to us.”

This Is Gross

Braves pitcher Gavin Floyd fractured his elbow throwing a curveball last night. If you like elbows with a weird growth that resembles a nipple, you’re in luck.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Amber Arbucci did a little bikini modeling for PilyQ, and as luck would have it, she’s never been featured as a LLOD.

Rowing Team Heroes

The Minnesota Golden Gophers rowing team was practicing on the Mississippi River when it came across an injured woman stuck waist-deep in water, in the middle of a group of trees.After struggling with the current, they freed her and saved the day. More amazingly, the team happened to be at that location on the Mississippi because “fast tides” forced it to move from the site where it usually practices.

Camilla Giorgi Is Angry

Caroline Wozniacki edged out Camila Giorgi in a three-set thriller at the Aegon International in Eastbourne, England, but the real drama occurred during the postgame handshake. There’s a Rory McIlroy joke there somewhere.

From the SI Vault


Phish’s new album Fuego comes out on Tuesday and one of the tracks (The Line) is about a pair of free throws. Here’s an excerpt from the NPR review of the album:

Then there’s “The Line,” a song that on the surface is based on Memphis college basketball player Darius Washington Jr., who blew some key free throws during a championship game. But it also addresses facing down fear and grappling with disappointment in life’s big moments: “Try to see your future from the line / And you’re clinging to the notion you’ll be fine,” Anastasio sings, in a possible nod to the pressures Phish itself may feel.


Odds and Ends

Dennis Eckersley cheered on Dennis Eckersley during the A’s mascot race last night … Northwestern football will hold three peanut-free games next year … The Staten Island Yankees hosted ’80s night on Thursday, with Tiffany as the special musical guest … This profile of Donald Sterling is worth a few minutes of your time … Carmelo Anthony is one of the investors in 50 Cent‘s new line of headphones … The Seahawks received their Super Bowl rings last night … This would’ve made a great Seinfeld episode had they gone forward with it … Will Smith's 13-year-old daughter has 10 pet snakes in her bedroom … The Breaking Badspinoff, Better Call Saul, already has a second season order even though the first season hasn’t aired (or even filmed) yet … Does watching porn shrink your brain?

Tony Parker on Kimmel

The Spurs point guard shows off his fancy French accent.

Lego Video of the Day

French newspaper L’Equipe recreated the goal by Australia’s Tim Cahill using Legos.


In honor of Father’s Day, this guy went around and asked random dudes if they were his father.

Song of the Day

Larry from Alabama sent in a request for Hook by Blues Traveler. Seeing that Emma Stone‘s lip-sync version was just named the 33rd best TV scene of the year, it only makes sense to honor Larry’s request.

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