By Brendan Maloy
June 20, 2014

Steve Smith has not even played a down in a Baltimore Ravens jersey yet, but the feisty receiver has already gotten into his first fight with a teammate, going toe-to-toe with Baltimore cornerback LaDarius Webb at practice on Wednesday.

In an effort to smooth over any lingering ill-will, and to prove he knows how to work a catch phrase, Steve Smith tweeted a photo of the Dunkin' Donuts he brought for Webb on Thursday morning with the words "peace offering from 89[Smith's jersey number]" written on them, with the hash tag #glazeupson, a <a href="" target="_blank">play on his beloved "Ice Up Son" taunt</a>.

If Dunkin' Donuts does not recognize this marketing opportunity, I will happily move to Baltimore and open a donut shop with Smith. He certainly seems to get along well with his co-workers.

[<a href="" target="_blank">The Score</a>]

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