By Andy Gray
June 23, 2014

Athletes at the Beach

Summer is officially underway, which means your Facebook feed will soon be filled with pictures of your friends at the beach. If US Weekly has taught us anything, it’s that stars are just like us! With that in mind, here are 40 photos of athletes enjoying a day on the beach. 

World Cup News

A handy chart of all the scenarios for Thursday and how it impacts the United States advancing …Barack Obama is somehow a member of Team England … Gallery: Painted fans at the World Cup …Behind the Scenes at Irina Shayk‘s 2011 SI Swimsuit shoot (loose World Cup connection, I know, but worth a click) … Blazers guard Wesley Matthews went all out for yesterday’s U.S.-Portugal match.

Name That Tennis Player's Grunt

In honor of Wimbledon, The Guardian has an interactive quiz and feature on why female tennis players grunt so much.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Chanel Gray is not only a Wilhemina model, but also she joins Mia Gray in the same-last-name-as-me LLOD Club … The 30 hottest GIFs of Sophie Monk … Funny look at celebs before and after Photoshop … Natasha Barnard has new photos out for Freya Swim … The six hottest female tennis players at Wimbledon you’ve never heard of.

Hot Clicks Q&A: Sammy Watkins

I spent a few minutes on the phone with Bills rookie receiver Sammy Watkins yesterday and discussed his adjustment to NFL life, eating at Chipotle and the future of his hair. Speaking of Chipotle, President Obama dined there for lunch earlier today.

Johnny Manziel News

The Browns quarterback went to a club in Houston and hung out with an attractive female. Somewhere, Brady Quinn does not approve.

Lolo Jones Reacts to Portugal's Goal

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Odds and Ends

Gilbert Arenas has an impressive sneaker collection … The 20 greatest moments in NBA Draft history … The 10 strangest first pitches of all time … The helmet cam may be coming to NFL games soon … Former Baylor center Isaiah Austin remains positive, despite receiving terrible news … Coach Terry Bowden tweeted a photo of Akron’s new uniforms … Sting is worth $306 million andplans to give his children none of it … Here’s a photo of singer Sting and pro wrestler Sting … Binge watching guide to Arrested Development … A 12-year-old faked his own kidnapping to avoid a trip to the dentist.

First Pitch of the Day

Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter, who was awarded  the Medal of Honor last week from President Obama,throws out the first pitch at Sunday’s Dodgers-Padres game. While serving in Afghanistan in 2010, Carpenter dove on a grenade to save another soldier’s life. He suffered multiple injuries — including a shattered right arm — and had to undergo 40 surgeries.

I Believe That We Will ... Oh No!

The agony of defeat a tie, as shown by these U.S. soccer fans


A Legend Is Born

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin delivered this famous promo after winning King of the Ring.

Winning On Double Dare

Not sure why this is hitting the internet today, but this compilation of Double Dare prizes makes me feel really old.

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