Germany has lots of psychic animals that predict the World Cup, and they're all gunning for the USA

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Germany is known for a few things: beer, lederhosen, some incidents in the 1910s and 1940s they don't like to talk about, and World Cup-predicting animals. And these animals have some good news for the USMNT.

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Nelly the Elephant from Hanover has predicted 30 out of 33 games correctly, and this year she kicked the ball into the United States' net (a special elephant net. Not at the World Cup):

Nelly the Elephant kicking a ball into a goal

Nasar the horse is also gunning for the United States. Despite being a horse, Nasar lives in a nicer house than you, so clearly he makes some good decisions with his life. You can trust his opinions:

Nasar the horse kicking a ball into a goal

The most interesting animal prediction comes from Regina the Octopus (the successor to the late, great Paul the Octopus). When her handlers tried to get her to eat food from US or German options, she refused to eat anything, suggesting a tie. This is still good news for the US -- a tie is all we need to move forward:

For more psychic animals making World Cup predictions across the globe, click here. Or, you know... you could go outside.

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