By Brendan Maloy
June 26, 2014
via @rihanna/Twitter

Rihanna has been tweeting a lot about the World Cup, and it does not appear she will be joining the American Outlaws in Brazil anytime soon, as she is openly rooting against the U.S. team.

Although even a Germany fan has to give goalie Tim Howard some respect.

Seeing as how the pop queen is not from the U.S. (she was born in Barbados), she is certainly entitled to cheer for whoever she likes, but it does sting our national pride a little bit that we seem to have fallen out of Rihanna's good graces.

Instead of jumping on Twitter to hurl insults at the Barbados-born star, why don't we all take a minute out of our day and think about what we could do to get Rihanna to love us again. She seems to like silly animal photos, maybe send her some of those?


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