Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Sports Figures In Sunglasses

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Sports Figures In Sunglasses

It's National Sunglasses Day and I celebrated in A.M. Hot Clicks by posting one of my favorite Larry Bird photos. Our photo department took it to the next level, creating this 63-frame gallery of Sports Figures in Sunglasses. I cherry-picked my favorites for the slideshow above.

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When Dress Codes Go Bad

Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash is in the news after claiming female tennis players are being forced to play without a bra due to a clampdown on the all-white dress code.

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NBA Draft Leftovers

The top 12 reactions from last night's proceedings ... NBA draftees took photos with a cardboard cutout of Craig Sager ... Best suits from the 2014 NBA Draft ... Kings draftee Nik Stauskas executed a perfect "3-goggles" handshake with his dad.

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Lovely Lady Round-Up

Jessica Lowndes is part of this week's 101 Hottest Celebrity Instagram photos ... Yara, a model who feels no need for a last name, stopped by the SI office for a 2015 swimsuit casting call ... Scarlet Bouvier is now officially on my radar ... Nina Agdal has some new photos out. You may want to take a look.

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Very Pregnant Woman Runs 800M Race

This story is hard to believe. Alysia Montano, who competed for the United States in the 2012 Summer Olympics, ran the 800-meters at the U.S. Outdoor Track & Field Championships on Thursday.

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Top World Cup Moments As Street Art

Someone just paid $54 million for this Monet, but I think all five of these street-art murals are better.

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Swedish Hockey Team Makes a Stand

Swedish Hockey jersey gay rights

Swedish hockey squad Kiruna are trying to become the first LGBT-certified sports team in the country and will wear these rainbow-colored jerseys next season.

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Odds and Ends

A fan came out of the stands at the Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game and set a speed record with one of his shots ... â€‹The Rock phoned a paralyzed rugby player Alex McKinnonand told him to stay strong ... This is a great reason for a player to decommit from a school ... Les Miles got a bucket of cold water dumped on him for charity ... John Riggins had a cure for keeping his joints loose. That plan was drinking beer ... Which team is having a worse season - the Red Sox or Yankees? ... A history of the Slip 'N Slide ... Someone recreated famous scenes from The Princess Bride using Legos ... Seinfeld wouldn't have made it to air in 2014 if a memo like this had come out ... This little Chihuahua saved her family from a house fire.

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Triumph at the World Cup

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gets into trouble while watching World Cup action.

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Jay Bilas Meet Jeezy

Jay Bilas finally gets to meet one of his idols.

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Groomsmen of the Year

How much time did these guys spend perfecting this routine?

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