By Alex Suskind
July 06, 2014

Chris Conley is a wide receiver for the University of Georgia. He is also an aspiring filmmaker and self-professed Star Wars geek. While most Jedi nerds express their fandom by attending conventions or collecting figurines, Conley decided to take it one step further by creating his own Star Wars fan film, which he just posted online.

“My dad introduced me, my brother and my sister to [Star Warswhen we were young," Conley told back in April. "When Episodes I, II and III were coming out, we were in elementary school. Getting to see those and the old ones, it was something our family really took to and something we never really let go of even to this day. We’ll still sit down and watch them together.”

In addition to writing and directing the 26-minute movie, titled Retribution, Conley also produced, edited, and starred in it.  As for the film itself, it follows Khari Vion, a former Jedi who was exiled after attempting to kill his master and forcing students to wear jean shorts. (As Yoda always said, "Bad fashion is the path to the Dark Side.")

Let's hope Conley throws on a Stormtrooper mask for the Bulldogs' opening game against Clemson in August.

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