By Extra Mustard
July 08, 2014

If you need a reminder just how big the gap is between casual players and NBA superstars, look no further. Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry dropped a casual 43 points during a San Francisco Pro-Am game over the weekend.

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The highlights are mostly a laughable display of Curry toying with defenders and draining a barrage of three pointers. Many of the defenders appeared to forget that Curry is in range as soon as he steps over half court.

Curry isn't the only star crushing the egos of wanna-be ballers across the country. Paul George put on a show at Los Angeles' Drew League, just as you would expect him to do.

Okay, but Curry and George are superstars, Maybe some fans could keep up with lower-level NBA players, like any of the lowly Philadelphia 76ers. Or... not. Tony Wroten scored 53 points over the weekend.

The next time you think about talking smack about how you can compete with and NBA player, remember how it turned out for these folks.

-- Paul Palladino

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