By Andy Gray
July 11, 2014

Indecision 2014

The LeBron James uncertainty tour continued yesterday as the Cavs waited by the phone for a call that never came. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that James and Dwyane Wade were hanging together in Las Vegas while Chris Bosh continued the #boshfamilyworldtour in Ghana. As all this was happening, Tide laundry detergent and Riddick Bowe (of all people) decided to get in on the LeBron-mania. 

Derek Jeter: Underwear Mogul

What's the only thing better than Derek Jeter secretly owning an underwear company? When that underwear theat company sells is jokingly referred to as “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks.” According to the New York Post, Jeter is a part-owner of Frigo RevolutionWear, which sells customized men’s underwear (whatever that means) for $100 a pair. In a related story, people spend $100 for a pair of underwear.

World Cup's Biggest Winners: Women of Brazil

Random fact about Brazil: There are 4 million more females than males. This has led to some very happy Brazilian women the past few weeks as men from all over the world descend on their country for the World Cup. Just as long as these male tourists don't try to imitate the crazy hairstyles of the players on the field.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Hot Clicks friend Ariel Meredith turns 28 today and we're getting her LLOD honors as a gift.

Rob Gronkowski Visits Children's Hospital

Rob Gronkowski has become a fixture in Hot Clicks for his partying, ladyfriends and general goofiness. On Thursday, however, Gronkowski revealed a more compassionate side as he visited Children's Hospital in Boston and posed for photos with the patients.

Left Hanging

Coed collected the "50 most uncomfortably-awkward 'left hanging' GIFs of all-time." I'm starting to worry the entire city of Cleveland will soon be added to this list as they await LeBron's decision.

From the SI Vault

On this day in 1989, one of the more memorable MLB All-Star games took place in Anaheim Stadium. The game may best be remembered for Bo Jackson's leadoff bomb as he became just the second player to hit a home run and steal a base in an All-Star game. Also of note, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan joined Vin Scully in the NBC broadcast booth to call the first inning.

Odds and Ends

Follow me on Twitter and become a fan of the Hot Clicks Facebook page ... Brazilians listened to (what else?) Happy to help get over their team's stunning World Cup loss ... Matthew Stafford's girlfriend, Kelly Hall, busted out "The Worm" while on vacation with friends ... This lacrosse apparel company is not a fan of Title IX ... Jesper Parnovic broke a rib when he fell of his Segway ... The 11 most embarrassing moments of the 2014 World Cup ... A complete history of the NBA luxury tax ... The Kendall Jones/hunting story took an interesting turn ... Speaking of hunting, 17-year-old Belgian World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere lost her modeling contract over an Intagram pic ... The most popular baby names of 2014 are out and the top three are Asher, Declan and Atticus (for men) and Imogen, Charlotte and Isla (for women) ... And you thought Perfect Strangers and True Detective had nothing in common. Here's a link to the Hot Clicks archives. Feel free to bookmark it.

How Germany Beat Brazil

Germany had many players. Brazil didn't have any.


Derek Jeter Gets Lego Mosaic, Pinstriped Guitar

The Indians give a few gifts to the Yankees captain.

Puppies Going Down Steps For First Time

The headline says it all.


Random Music Video of the Day

A Brazilian street performer busts out Sultans of Swing.


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