By Andy Gray
July 16, 2014

Lance Stephenson and Other ESPY Highlights

The ESPY Awards took place last night in Los Angeles and there is so much to talk about, I'm going with my patented "lots of items separated by ellipses" format: Drake poked fun at Lance Stephenson and his ear-blowing ... Maria Sharapova height-shamed Floyd Mayweather ... Colin Kapernick stared at Chrissy Teigen's cleavage ... Von Miller donned a cowboy hat ... Sydney Leroux wore an awesome dress ... Michael Sam walked the red carpet with his boyfriend, then gave a memorable speech after accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award ... Stuart Scott also gave an inspirational speech ... The top 10 moments from last night's show ... Top reactions on Twitter

I Want This Jersey

The El Paso Chihuahuas unveiled their uniforms for 'Bark at the Park' Night on Aug. 3 and they are spectacular. In a related story, I have a Chihuahua (mix) and think anything involving that breed is spectacular.

The Bikini Bassmaster

Meet Delayne Collins, a Florida State alum, "bass angler and sport fishing enthusiast" who also knows her way around a bikini.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Erin Heatherton stopped by the office the other day for a SI Swimsuit casting call. Of course, this was the day I chose to work from home, so big win there for me. Anyhow, let's hope she's in next year's swimsuit issue. In the meantime, LLOD honors will certainly do. 

Throwback Thursday: Teenage Eric Lindros Was a Jerk

Former NHL referee Paul Stewart is blogging for the Huffington Post and shared an interesting Eric Lindros story. Puck Daddy has all the details but to quickly summarize, Stewart called Lindros for a penalty, Lindros didn't like the call and after the game ripped up a bunch of posters Stewart wanted him to sign so he could auction off for charity. What a guy!  

Now This is a Jim Boeheim Tattoo

I have no idea why someone would want an incredibly detailed leg tattoo of Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. That being said, this is spectacular.

From the SI Vault

The NBA announced yesterday that teams that won the NBA Championship will wear a small gold patch on the back of their jersey. This led me to search for my favorite team portrait of a former champion, and it wasn't much of a contest. This shot of the 1978-79 Sonics is easily No. 1. Now if Commissioner Silver could just figure out a way to get a NBA franchise back in the Emerald City. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter. 

Odds & Ends

Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn played tennis on the Swiss Alps, which made for some great photos ... Germany's Mesut Ozil is paying for the surgery of 23 sick children in Brazil ... The full World Cup results, in one handy GIF ... This 14-year-old is America's next great weightlifter ... In honor of the ESPY Awards, a look at the worst in the year of sports ... How you can land on the cover of Sports Illustrated for our 60th anniversary issue ... Donald Faison recalls the day he turned 21 on the set of Clueless ... It costs $6 million to produce one Game of Thrones episode ... A look at the now-famous Comcast breakup call in text messages ... Random Throwback Thursday Item (from 1965): How will the Vietnam War end?

Get Lost, Joe Buck

Derek Jeter has a message for the Fox broadcaster.

Joel Embiid is the Best

My favorite NBA rookie tries to score a date with Kim Kardashian.

Yasiel Puig is Petrified

He may be the game's most exciting rookie, but that doesn't mean he can handle a little thunder.

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