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A 65-year-old woman ran a half mile in 2:42

Sabra Harvey is faster than you are. She's 65 years old and just won the 800 meters in the under-70 division at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships. 

The video is truly astonishing. It doesn't even look like she's running the same race. Harvey finished 42 seconds ahead of her nearest competitor. 

Of course the first reaction to seeing her dominate so thoroughly is to think she's some kind of ringer, maybe a former Olympian crashing the amateur circuit. But according to an interview with, Harvey didn't even start running until she was 51. 

So, how does Harvey's time stack up with younger runners? Oregon's Laura Roesler won the NCAA outdoor championship with a time of 2:01 this spring. Harvey is three times as old as Roesler and only 40 seconds slower. Wow. 

- Dan Gartland