Tony Dungy's controversial comments about Michael Sam are likely to trigger another heated debate about NFL locker room culture.
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By Gabriel Baumgaertner
July 21, 2014

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Tony Dungy, Chris Kluwe re-ignite debate over NFL locker room culture

Former Super Bowl winning coach and current NBC commentator Tony Dungy made waves on Monday afternoon by saying that he would not have drafted Michael Sam, claiming he "wouldn't want to deal" with the inevitable attention surrounding the rookie linebacker's presence. Dungy, who frequently cites his Christian faith and has authored several leadership books, was mostly excoriated for his comments. SI's Doug Farrar and Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel provided incisive takes on the controversial topic, wondering why a man seemingly dedicated to courage and bravery would shy away from the potential distractions stemming from Sam's presence on the team.

The Dungy debate provided a nice setup for the potential firestorm surrounding ex-Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who announced that he'd be suing the Vikings after the team's response to his accusations of wrongful termination. The Vikings released a report claiming that Kluwe participated the same homophobic behavior he accused special teams coach Mike Priefer of perpetrating within the Vikings locker room, citing an insensitive joke Kluwe told about the Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal. In a candid interview with SI Now, Kluwe promised an imminent release of damning evidence of endemic homophobia within the Vikings organization, accusations which Minnesota has vociferously denied. Kluwe and the Vikings have feuded since the activist punter was released in 2013.

The Chargers: No. 1 in San Diego's hearts, No. 2 in softball

Do you think you could win a softball game against a team full of professional athletes? Well, the Randy Jones Invitational did. Stu Woo's story in the Wall Street Journal offers a pleasant look at the Chargers' attempt at offseason bonding and how a group of Average Joes can knock off some of the finest athletes on the planet. Check out yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks for more photos and stories about athletes using softball as their offseason activity.

Jeter, he ain't

Funny or Die released an amusing spoof of the popular "RE2PECT" commercial with a more ... we'll say 'unkind' version dedicated to Alex Rodriguez. (Warning: Video contains a NSFW banner and countless unfriendly gestures)

Lovely Lady of the Day 

Today, Prince George of Cambridge turns 1, so we'll celebrate the heir's birthday with a gallery of his always-elegant mother, Kate Middleton, or, if you prefer her royal title, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Unconventional for Hot Clicks? Probably. But it sure is difficult to deny her radiance. You can view the full-size gallery here.

Ride or Die 

The crew over at Jalopnik uncovered an unbelievable video from Russia showcasing some kind of high-speed chase ... with a man laying on the front of the car's hood:

To aid with those football withdrawals

Reddit uncovered this blistering collection of the best hits of the Australian Football League, which should satisfy all of you who wish "Jacked Up" were still a segment on Sunday NFL Countdown.


Odds & Ends

Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger received an unkind message from a overly zealous Alabama fan. Roll Damn Assault. ... This Nationals fan's beard is full of Natitude and hopefully no disease agents ... Andre Drummond demonstrates his Vine mastery while convincing you to never take him bowling. ... Do you have $14.5 million to spare? If so, Chris Bosh is selling his mansion in Pacific Palisades, Calif. ... Want to be in the next Star Wars film? Listen to J.J. Abrams and get a sneak peek on the set for the next installment. ... Flower beards? Flower beards. ... Klay Thompson may need an education on which band is "the greatest of all time." ... Are you a Simpsons lifer? It appears that your prayers have been answered. ... Da'Quan Bowers and Ricky Sapp showed that they may be a couple of Bug-a-Boos or, as Destiny's Child once put it so eloquently in just some triflin', good-for-nothin' type of brothers. ... The new Celtics logo is somehow creepier than the original. Look out for Lucky in any abandoned alleys, sparsely populated dive bars and poorly lit street corners.

The good, the bad and the, well...

The Braves wizard shortstop Andrelton Simmons recorded yet another eye-popping highlight to add to an already extensive collection that includes this and, oh heck, just head over here if you want over 25 minutes (yes, it's worth it, though maybe not at work) of splendid defense. On the other hand, the Yankees Shane Greene had a rather a difficult night fielding his position.

Forget it all, let's watch some puppies

And now, a puppy party for the ages:

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