By Andy Gray
August 04, 2014

Who Has the Better Mustache?

Stan Van Gundy and Spencer Dinwiddie :: Getty Images

The NBA rookies sat down for a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and readers asked important questions about their choice of shampoo, NBA 2K rating and whether or not they've met Drake yet. My favorite exchange was when a fan asked Pistons rookie Spencer Dinwiddie if he has a better mustache then Stan Van Gundy. His response: "See, it's not even close. His argument is that his has been around a long time. But looks wise, it's all me." Can we just give him Rookie of the Year right now?

Kate Upton Shows Off Baseball Talent

I don't have a record of every time a fan in the stands has received a ball from a baseball player, but I'm willing to bet that nobody has ever made it look sexier than Kate Upton did last night (especially when Smooth Operator is the background music). Then again, not every fan has been on the cover of SI's MLB Playoff preview.

LeBron is Skinny

The Cavs forward has cut out carbs to lose weight, and judging by this Instagram photo, the plan is working.

Lovely Lady of the Day

As Bills fans decide whether or not to like Jon Bon Jovi, I felt this would be a good time to honor Buffalo native Jessica White with LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Everyone Hates the Yankees

It doesn't matter if you look at a map of U.S. States, the continents or even Canadian provinces,  everyone hates the Yankees.

Scrabble Gets New Words

Scrabble's official dictionary has been updated to include 5,000 new words. So next time your grandma tells you "hashtag" and "beatbox" aren't words, you'll know better (and then will have to explain to her what those words actually mean). 

From the SI Vault

Kevin Garnett and Brian Scalabrine :: Getty Images

Since entering the NBA nearly two decades ago, Kevin Garnett has been spotted emitting laughter approximately four times. OK, I made that up but it takes a special person to get the intense KG to unleash a genuine belly laugh. Brian Scalabrine, as this photo indicates, is one of those special people. "Veal" was at it again yesterday when he spoofed LeBron's "I'm Coming Home" essay to announce his return to Boston to call games for CSN. It even inspired me to look at old Scalabrine YouTube videos; this one is clearly the best. For more photos of 6-foot-9 redheads (and other athletes), visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

A burglar received an eight-year prison sentence (and 42 years probation) for breaking into Hank Aaron's home ... The Browns' cornerbacks wore kickboxing gloves to avoid holding penalties during practice on Monday ... A fan at the Padres-Braves game gave out his number during a televised interview and soon had 5,000 texts ... The Lions are wearing practice jerseys made out of recycled plastic ... Reading winger Royston Drenthe invited fans to his house on Sunday for a FIFA 14 tournament ... Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen will wear a LEGO-inspired goalie mask this season ... It looks good for another season of Arrested Development on Netflix ... Classy move by Adam Sandler ... This cup will tell you how many calories are in your drink. 

BYU Lip Sync Battle

Team bonding at its finest.

Baby Seal Goes Surfing

This little guy just wanted to enjoy the surf. 

Vince Young at Monday Night Raw

The WWE was in Austin last night and Texas-born Mark Henry gave props to Vince Young after his match.

Albert Pujols Shows Up Yasiel Puig

The veteran teaches the youngster a lesson. 


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