By Brendan Maloy
August 09, 2014

Prime Time Turns 47

Deion Sanders celebrates his 47th birthday this weekend, so let go through some of SI's finest photos of Prime Time. If any of Deion's splendid fashion choices have got you thinking about changing your wardrobe, you can head here for tips on stealing his signature looks.

Coco Crisp's barber is his worst enemy

Who would have thought in a week filled with NFL and college hazing haircuts, the worst new 'do you would see would be voluntary? Coco Crisp strutted this awful ducktail out on Friday night. I guess Drew Gooden was just ahead of his time.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Hate Each Other as Much as They Love Swearing

UFC 178 headliners Jon Jones and Daniel Corimer were caught on tape with a pretty vicious and vulgar verbal back and forth in between interviews promoting the September PPV event. This is after the two fell off a stage during a scuffle at an earlier promotional event.

All of this could be a set up to get be interested in the fight, but if it is, it's working beautifully.

Lovely Lady of the Weekend: Natalia Vodianova

Vanity Fair's vaunted "International Best Dressed" issue hit newsstands this week, and although I was snubbed yet again, I have decided to make cover model Natalia Vodianova the Lovely Lady of the Day to show there are no hard feelings.

Before any of you let your daydreams about running away with Vodianova get too far, she recently had a child with Antoine Arnault, son of the 10th richest man in the world. It is gonna be pretty tough to woo her away from that, but best of luck.

LeSean McCoy is Insanely Strong or The Eagles are Great With Video Editing

A recent video posted to Vine shows Eagles RB LeSean McCoy throwing a 45 lbs weight like he was born on Krypton. There are some suspect cuts in the video that make it seem like the footage is doctored, but it is real enough looking that you may want to bump the man they call "Shady" up a few slots on your fantasy football wishlist.

Who Wouldn't Buy an Atlanta Stripclubs Jersey?

Comedian Joe Mande posted a list of NBA team names based on his own word associations with each city, and then asked his followers to make up logos. The NBA is throwing money out the window but not puttng Indiana Mellencamps and New York Anxiety jerseys on the market.

Odds & Ends

Chip Kelly found a gross way to adjust his headset microphone...Yasiel Puig might want to cool it on the forearm workouts after snapping a bat on a checked swing...Kim Kardashian is putting out a 352-page book made entirely of selfies titled Selfish because that is the world we live in now...Find out what makes Scrabble's Michael Jordan so dominant...Mariners P Yoervis Medina brought the White Sox' Alexi Ramirez to his knees with a breaking ball...Jason Sudekis is back as football/soccer coach Ted Lasso...Make these for dinner...Andrew Wiggins stay in Cleveland as told by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Best Athlete Music Video of All-Time

You can't celebrate Deion Sanders without remembering his musical career.


Toddler Bull Riding is The Next Big Thing

This guy's wife is going to be a lot angrier than the bull was.


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