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Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona slapped a journalist over the weekend after his car was surrounded by reporters, and he believed on of them winked at his wife Veronica Ojeda.

By Extra Mustard
August 11, 2014

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona had another spat with a journalist over the weekend after being surrounded by a throng of reporters leaving the theater.

Maradona angrily answers questions about his friends and family, insisting he should be left alone. The national hero eventually leaves his car to confront one of the reporters, who he believed had made some sort of gesture, possibly a wink, toward his wife, Veronica Ojeda, according to 101 Great Goals.

Before slapping the man, Maradona apparently said to him: “What is it, fool. Why mess with my wife if I do not mess with you?”

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So remember readers, next time you are harassing Maradona outside of a theater with his family makes sure you don't also make a pass at his wife, or do anything that might be misconstrued as a wink.

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-Brendan Maloy

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