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White Sox' Robin Ventura blows up after play is overturned, has tremendous meltdown

Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura was not happy after catcher Tyler flowers was ruled to be blocking home plate via replay, awarding the Giants their first run of the game.

Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura was not happy after his team was on the wrong side of an umpire review for the second time in as many games, and since reviews are not reviewable, he decided to take all of his anger out on home plate.

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The White Sox had a one-run lead over the San Francisco Giants in the seventh inning, when it was ruled that Tyler Flowers had blocked Gregor Blanco's path to home plate, sending Ventura into a conniption on the field.

Chicago's manager must have riled up the Giants more than his own team with his anger, as San Francisco went on to win 7-1.

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Ventura should be commended for the thoroughness of his dirt kicking technique. A lot of managers do it for show, but Ventura really covers that thing up, and that kind of dedication should be applauded.


-Brendan Maloy