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Royals catcher Salvador Perez wears perfume behind the plate


Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez has a couple of unusual good-luck charms: Shower shoes and perfume.

That's right. In an interview with KHSB in Kansas City, the station found that Perez's use of both has coincided with his individual performance getting better and his team going on a winning streak. 

He said he started wearing his red shower shoes after he forgot his pair on the road and was given a pair in Boston last month. Since then, the Royals have climbed into first place in the American League Central. 

Later in the interview, out of nowhere, Perez dropped this line: "I use perfume. I don't know if you guys know that."

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He said he used it one time after getting the idea from a teammate, and one umpire told him he smelled nice. He also hit well in that game, so he decided to keep using it.

"I learned that Alcides [Escobar] -- every time they go play -- he uses Victoria's Secret," Perez said. "One day I said, 'Alcides, let me try it.' In the first inning, the umpire says, 'You smell good, Salvy.' I said, 'Thank you.' In that game I hit a ball and everything so I started to use it every day. Now I use Victoria's Secret every time."

Here's the video:

[h/t CBS Sports]

-Brett LoGiurato