By Andy Gray
September 08, 2014

U.S. Open Fashion: Hits and Misses

It's Fashion Week in New York and fashion's top models are walking the runway and learning the Anaconda. Meanwhile in Queens, another fashion show has been taking place at the U.S. Open and we've been keeping tabs on all the looks. From Camila Giorgi's doily skirt (above) to Serena Williams' tennis blazer, SI's Courtney Nguyen has all the fashion hits and misses.

This Won't Hold Up In a Court of Law

Bobby Ryan scored 23 goals for the Senators last season and the team is trying to lock him up to a contract extension. One young fan took matters into his own hands, getting Ryan to sign the "long term contract extension" he created on a piece of notebook paper. 

Joel Embiid's Weekend on Twitter

Joel Embiid reached out to the makers of NBA 2K15 to make sure he had a good rating in the upcoming game (as well as Hakeem Olajuwon's "Dream Shake"). This was his second-best social media moment of the weekend. The first came on Friday, when he asked his Twitter followers: "Have y'all ever ask your main girl for other girls to mess with?" 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Former LLOD Mia Gray shot me an email with photos of her friend Ramona Bern, who is Miss Tourism Germany. And anytime you get a chance to profile Miss Tourism Germany, you don't pass that up (click here for full-size gallery) ... Everyone should know who Emily DiDonato is by now. If not, this is a good introduction ... Here's a collection of tennis players who have graced the SI Swimsuit issue.

No Booing In College Soccer

The NESCAC (New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference) sent a letter to fans asking them not to boo at games. Yes, you read that correctly. To be more specific, they asked fans to "encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy towards all those involved in the competition, including players, coaches, officials  and all other spectators. As a supporter, we ask that you not engage in any unsportsmanlike actions, which include booing, taunting, profanity, rude language or gestures, or any other action that could potentially be construed as negative or confrontational." 

Rookie Hazing At Its Finest

DeMarcus Cousins vs. Slovenian Reporter

The Space Station is Big

Odds & Ends

Goran Dragic has a brother named Zoran who the Suns are interested in signing ... The weekend's best football GIFs and Vines ... This Boston College fan watched a chunk of the game from the sideline without anyone noticing ... Check out the Air Jordan cleats worn by football players this weekend ... The Rangers promoted Guilder Rodriguez to the big leagues for the first time. He spent 13 years in the minor leagues ...The Brewers spring training complex is currently under six feet of water ... This tube of moisturizer is really a flask ... Maryland has turned its mascot from a turtle to a terrifying monster ... I completely agree with this tweet from Chris D'Elia ... Adam Sandler finally made a movie that isn't a bad comedy ... The 10 most useless trucks ever built.

Match Tennis Players With Their Grunt

Comedian Yoni Lotan tests fans on their grunting knowledge.

He Could've Walked Around the Bases

Rays outfielder David DeJesus hits an inside-the-park home run after a fluke bounce. 


Roller Coaster of the Day

This is the Dive Loop Ultra Twister Roller Coaster at Japan's Rusutu Resort, which you couldn't pay me to ride. I'll just wait for you by the exit.

Retro Commercial of the Day

Magic Johnson shows off this new product called an ATM, circa 1982. 

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