By Nicole Conlan
September 11, 2014

There are two things that everyone loves to argue about -- football, and music. Whether you're arguing about the validity of drafting a QB in the first round or whether Sgt. Pepper is better than The White Album, both topics can be pretty divisive among fans. But there's one thing that sports fans and music aficionados can agree on -- the fun of generating name-based puns.

Earlier this summer, Twitter blew up with the #NBAmusicians hashtag. That was quickly followed by #NBASitcoms, #NBAMovies, #NBACartoons and even #NBAPokemon. Now that football season is upon us, our friends at Jingle Punks have created concept cover art for some musical mashups we hope to see this season. 

You can connect with Jingle Punks on Twitter and Instagram. And if you're feeling especially creative, create your own music-inspired NFL photoshop. Just be sure to use the #NFLMusicans hashtag.

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