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By SI Wire
September 16, 2014

An independent wrestler from Philadelphia says his gear was stolen over the weekend, but fans have taken to social media to help him out. 

Ophidian The Cobra, who wears a masks that looks like (you guessed it) a cobra, says his wrestling paraphernalia was stolen from a duffel bag on his porch, according to NBC Philadelphia. He says he lost about $3,000 in total. 

But it's more than the money. "My identity has been stolen," Ophidian told NBC. He wears the mask everywhere, even when running errands

Now he needs new equipment for a tournament this weekend and a tour of the UK later this month. 

One fan is giving back an old mask he bought from Ophidian, and other fans have donated upwards of $1,100, Ophidian told NBC. 

- Dan Gartland

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