By Andy Gray
October 09, 2014

NBA Players at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower turns 125 this year, and to celebrate, the landmark unveiled a new see-through glass floor on its first level so visitors can feel like they're floating on air. This gallery does a better job of explaining it than I just did. To celebrate the occasion, I put together this gallery of NBA players posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

The Origin of NHL Team Names

Did you know the Minnesota Wild were nearly called the Minnesota Freeze? Or the Minnesota Northern Lights? Or the Minnesota Voyageurs? Mental Floss looks at the origins of the team names of all 30 NHL squads. And if that isn't enough hockey for you, here are 37 GIFs that prove hockey fans are the best.

TBT: Tony Romo's Botched Snap 

SI's Don Banks looks back at Tony Romo's botched snap from the January 2007 Cowboys-Seahawks playoff game and how it still resonates eight years later.

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

Mario Lopez has a new memoir, Just Between Us, in which he admits he was never in love with ex-wife Ali Landry. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise for someone who spent his high school years chasing Jessie Spano around. Anyhow, Landry is probably feeling a little down today, so Throwback LLOD honors should cheer her right up (click here for full-size gallery).

Funniest Custom Jerseys in Sports History

From Jay Cutler "Pick 6" to Kyle Orton "Neck Beard," World Wide Interweb has the 20 funniest custom jerseys in sports history.

The Future Head Coach of Michigan

The World's Longest Golf Cart

My friends at the Guinness World Records 2015 book sent me this image of the world's largest golf cart, which is nearly 32-feet long from bumper to bumper and was created by Mike's Golf Carts in Perry, Ga.

Forget LeBron. Watch Out for ABCDEFG

Odds & Ends

The AD at Mississippi State asked fans to observe proper cowbell etiquette ... LeBron James was uncomfortable at Dwyane Wade's wedding this summer ... Carmelo Anthony did not get good grades while at Syracuse, a fact Jim Boeheim felt compelled to share in his new book ... Good read on life in baseball's minor leagues ... It took me one game to fall in love with Bruins 32-year-old rookie forward Bobby Robins ... Looking for a road trip? Here's how you can see four MLB league championship games (in four stadiums) in six days ... Gallery: The NBA's tallest and shortest players standing together ... ​111 reasons to love Nicholas Cage ... Axl Rose apparently has two albums worth of Guns N' Roses material ready to record ... 28 celebrities who are black belts.

Tom Brady in High School uncovered some footage of Brady at Junipero Serra High in San Mateo, Calif.

USC Song Girls in Time Lapse

This is oddly hypnotic.

Ref Cam Rules

Thanks to the NHL's new Ref Cam, we get to see scrums up close.

I Love This Mississippi State Fan

Someone is excited for Saturday's matchup against Auburn.

Music Video of the Day

Jackson Browne turned 66 today. If you haven't seen The Eagles documentary, make sure you do. My favorite part is Glenn Frey discussing how he learned how to write a pop song by listening to Browne. 


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