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The Weekend Preview: Your weekly list of things to watch, eat, do, and buy for October 10th

I believe it was the famous philosopher Harvey Danger that coined the phrase "If you're bored then you're boring." Fortunately, you've got no excuse to be bored this weekend, because we've assembled our weekly list of things for you to watch, eat, do, and buy. So turn off that weird mix tape you made in 1997 and get out of the house for a change, yeesh.

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. New York Comic Con

Thursday thru Sunday | New York, NY

Let your inner fanboy/girl out at the New York Comic Con, with over 800,000 feet of exhibit space, video game and movie sneak peaks, and surprise guest appearances. Think you’re too cool for a little sci-fi fun? There are a bunch of athletes who would disagree with you.

. Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday (but it's a long weekend in Canada)

Monday marks Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Turkey and pumpkin pie is great and all, but give thanks to the autumn season by visiting one of the national parks like Banff, Fundy or La Mauricie. Revel in the beauty of nature before it gets cold enough for hibernation.

. Walking Dead Bar Crawl

Saturday | Washington, DC

Insufferable people of the world, rejoice! There’s an event that combines two of the world’s most irritating things: Santa Con and people who are way too into zombies. From 3 PM to 6 PM this Saturday, thousands of drunken idiots will annoy bartenders and stain monuments with red corn syrup throughout our nation’s capital as part of the Walking Dead Bar Crawl. It’s the perfect event to attend if you’ve ever wanted to see a crying zombie throw up into her purse.

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. US Men's Soccer: US vs. Ecuador

Friday 7 PM EST | ESPN

Landon Donovan has long been the face of American soccer, but that time is drawing to a close. Tonight at 7:00 is Donovan’s last game with the US team. Start getting all misty-eyed now by watching this moving video and quench your Donovan thirst with this less moving Gatorade ad.

. I Am Ali

Limited release starting Friday

Will Smith might star in the quintessential Ali biopic, but there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. This new documentary about the boxing champ features archival footage of Ali cut together in a complete biography of one of the most interesting and iconic figures in sports. Interviewees include his former coaches, children, and a few celebrity appearances.

. The Walking Dead

Sunday at 9 PM EST | AMC

The Walking Dead is back! The Walking Dead is back! Yay! Only a few more weeks until we all get to talk about how disappointed we are in this season of The Walking Dead!

SI Recommends

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Kauffman Stadium | Kansas City, MO

The Royals really know how to celebrate a victory, and now you can celebrate too with this heck-of-a-hot-dog from the Royals’ own Kauffman Stadium. If you like macaroni and cheese and pulled pork and bacon and hot dogs, then you can find out more right here.

. Louisiana Seafood Festival

City Park | New Orleans, LA

It's a good thing Saints RB Mark Ingram has recovered from his hand injury, because he’ll need both of them for breaking open lobsters at this weekend’s Louisiana Seafood Festival. Some things you can eat: shrimp ravigote, crawfish nachos, shrimp meatball and pork belly po-boys, and bread pudding (don’t worry, no seafood in that last one).

. Nashville Whiskey Festival

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum | Nashville, TN

Don’t let those idiots at the zombie bar crawl have all the fun. Let one of the nation’s top producers teach you about the finer points of whiskey. There’ll be seminars about understanding bitters, the art of blending whiskey, and more. Plus… you know… you get to drink a bunch of whiskey.

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. NBA 2k15

From $59.99 |

We have nothing but nice things to say about the latest release from 2K Sports. Between the cool graphics, customizable options, and hilarious glitches, we’re 100% on board. You can check out our full review of this beautiful piece of gaming right here.

. NHL Live App

iTunes or Google Play

The NHL has completely revamped their NHL Live app in the best possible way. What was formerly just a place to check scores after a game has been completely transformed into an immersive experience for real fans of hockey. The new app has video, live streams, and social-media integration. The only bad part about it is that now you’ll never ever be able to stop thinking about hockey.

. Some bootleg professional wrestling merch

There are a few reasons you might want to own these shirts. Maybe you’re looking for kindling for a fire. Or maybe you’re a hipster who wears clothes ironically. Or maybe you have to give a gift to someone you hate. Whatever your reason, we’ve got the absolute worst bootleg professional wrestling merchandise that money can buy right here.

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