October 31, 2014

Halloween is here! Halloween is here! And if you've spent so much time working on your killer Halloween costume that you've forgotten to actually make plans for the weekend (which features 2 whole days that aren't Halloween), don't worry, we've got you covered. We rounded up the best Halloween and non-Halloween things to do this weekend, and we promise them none of them are called "spooktaculars."

The Fest
Friday thru Saturday | Gainesville, FL

Need a break from Halloween antics? Head to Gainesville for this three-day festival whose lineup includes The Descendents, Less than Jake, Pup, and Screaming Females, plus comedy from the likes of Chris Gethard, Dave Ross, and more. Comedian and festival producer Ian Douglas Terry calls it “the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Terror Behind the Walls
Friday thru Sunday | Philadelphia, PA

Haunted houses are pretty standard Halloween fare, but you can take it to the next level with a trip to the Terror Behind the Walls haunted house in Philly. Housed in a 19th-century prison, Terror Behind the Walls is in its 24th season and has a good number of real-deal ghost stories about former prisoners. That means if you get haunted by an actual ghost, no one will believe you because you’re in a haunted house. Sounds like the perfect start to a real-life horror movie! Fun!

Video Games Live
Sunday | London, England

Celebrate your favorite video games in a brand new way with this concert series that features a live orchestra playing your favorite video game music set to video game footage projected onto a giant screen behind them. The video game industry is sponsoring the VGL tour to “encourage and support the culture and ard that video games have become.” Game franchises include Mario, Zelda, Halo, Warcraft, Sonic, Tron, and more. Don't worry, American gamers, the tour is set to come through 'Murica too.

Giants World Series parade
Friday | San Francisco, CA

The Giants won the world series! And they’re having a parade! You should get going though, because it’s happening like, right now. Did you buy your seat on a float yet?

The 216
Quicken Loans Arena | Cleveland, OH

Cleveland fans, we’re really sorry about the game last night. But you can wipe your tears with a new concession item from the Cavaliers, the 216 sandwich. You can find out more about the sausage and smoked pork treat right here.

Hornets 8-lb burger
Time Warner Arena | Charlotte, NC

The Hornets might not be the best team in basketball, but they know that they way to their fans’ hearts is through their stomachs. They’re now selling an 8-pound burger that will make you love the Hornets and hate yourself while you eat it.

Derrick Rose return cake
Jewel-Osco | Chicago, IL

Do you like basketball? Do you like plain ol’ grocery store sheet cake? Do you have $21 to burn? Why not spend it on this sad cake celebrating Derrick Rose’s return to the Bulls?

The Mac-Off
Littlefield | Brooklyn, NY

Look, if you’re going to spend all day Sunday watching football, you need to do what the athletes do and carbo-load. And while professional athletes might do that with high-tech performance gels that taste like robot tears, you get to do it the fun way – with macaroni and cheese. Head to Littlefield in Brooklyn this Sunday for The Mac-Off, a mac-and-cheese competition now in its 4th year. $20 will get you unlimited macaroni and cheese. UNLIMITED. You’re welcome.

New York City Marathon
Sunday 8:00 AM | ESPN2

If you’re like me, the only marathon is less of a running marathon and more of a Netflix marathon. This weekend, you can feel like you’re a part of the action by tuning into the New York City Marathon on ESPN2. Get to know some of the runners on the podium; you’ll probably see some of them again at the 2016 Olympics.

This old LeBron interview

Okay, last night’s Cavs game was rough. So why not remember a brighter time in LeBron’s life, a time when he was full of potential. Check out this video of LeBron as a 16-year-old phenom, and try to remember that things are going to be OK Cavs fans, I promise.

One of these old Hell In A Cells

This year’s Hell In A Cell was sort of a stepping-stone for this year’s Wrestlemania. Which doesn’t mean it was bad! They’re setting up a lot of really great storylines that are going to pay off in a big way. But it also means that Hell In A Cell itself wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. So why not relive some of the best Hell in a Cells of all time with this handy list we’ve assembled?

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes with Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Qullin

Madison Bumgarner underwear
Free | San Francisco, CA

Hopefully you took our advice above and ran out the door to catch the Giants’ parade, because they’re handing out 2,000 pairs of commemorative Madison Bumgarner underwear. When you’re a kid growing up, having the word “bum” in your name probably leads to a lot of teasing. But that name pays off in a big way when you’re an adult and you know how many grown men have your name on their butts…. I guess?

WWE 2K15
$59.99 | WWE Shop

The wait is over! WWE 2K15 is here! Your favorite wrestling game just got even better with MyCareer mode , which allows you to take the true WWE career journey, starting in NXT and working your way up to the mainstage. Other new modes include Who’s Got NXT and Proving Ground, which are available on all consoles, including old ones. We did an interview about the game with WWE star Bray Wyatt, and he’s got plenty to say about it.

Pharrell Stan Smiths for Adidas
From $120, adidas.com

Pharrell really took the term “tennis shoes” to heart for his latest collaboration with adidas. His new line of Stan Smiths are actually made out of felt to resemble tennis balls and come in three colorways – white, green, and orange (don’t worry, traditionalists, there are leather options, too). Maybe the most interesting design feature is how subtle the branding is. For a shoe that’s repping three different names (adidas, Stan Smith, and Pharrell’s equality symbol), it doesn’t look like your feet are a walking billboard.

NBA 2k15 facemasks
Free | NBA 2K15's Facebook

Remember how terrifying NBA 2K15’s facial scanning feature is? Well, you can now print these abominations against nature as Halloween masks. You know what? On second though, don’t do that. These are too scary, even for Halloween.

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