By Andy Gray
November 11, 2014

Athletes Who Served in the Military

It's Veteran's Day and I can't think of anything more appropriate with which to lead Hot Clicks than this gallery of athletes who served in the military. After that, be sure to read about these three athlete veterans and their amazing stories.

If You Can't Win ... Cheat

I'm not sure what to make of Tabatha Hamilton, the winner of Sunday’s Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, who was disqualified for cheating. On one hand, I'm impressed by her chutzpah—technology has made cheating at anything in 2014 nearly impossible. On the other hand, I'm dumbfounded that she wasn't more careful; her second-half time of 49 minutes for 13.1 miles destroyed the world record of 58 minutes. She could've been a tad less ... obvious. Not to be outdone, Thailand's Vanessa-Mae, who made her Olympic debut in Sochi this year at the age of 35, has been banned from competitive alpine skiing for four years for fixing races.

History of Leonardo DiCaprio & Sports

As I mentioned in today's edition of A.M. Hot Clicks, Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 today. To celebrate, we compiled this brief history of the actor and sports. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

The U.S. Marine Corps celebrated its 239th birthday on Monday, and as Jim from Kennewick, Wash., says, this is the perfect time to feature former Marine Shannon Ihrke (click here for full-size gallery) ... Models in military uniforms ... Our good friend Anastasia Ashley is in the latest issue of Esquire.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: I Am Ali

Paging all Muhammad Ali fans. I Am Ali is an intimate and heartwarming look at the legendary athlete, beloved father, humanitarian and activist as he has never been seen before. With exclusive access to Ali’s personal archive of “audio journals,” the film features touching interviews and testimonials from his inner circle of family and friends along with legends of the boxing community. And as luck would have it, I Am Ali was released on Blu-ray & DVD today, so be sure to get your copy. Or hope you're lucky. I'll send Blu-ray copies to the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th and 100th emailers who can tell me (via email at which team that trolled itself on Twitter last night. The answer was in A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "I Am Ali."

Update (8:48 a.m.): Contest is closed. Winners have been notified. Thanks for playing.

Help a Veteran

Dolph Ziggler had a great Instagram post this morning connecting Robin Thicke's promiscuity to Veteran's Day. Ziggler's main point is that we need to appreciate our veterans more. Here's a great way to do it: Donate money to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The group has already pioneered historic changes, like the Post-9/11 GI Bill, VA funding reforms, the VOW to Hire Heroes Act and more. If you have $5 or $10 laying around in your checking account, be a good person and donate.

This Week's (National) SI Cover

This Week's (Regional) SI Cover 

Caroline Wozniacki Goes Hot Tubbing


Making the most of my last night in the Bahamas!

A photo posted by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

Mark Sanchez Celebrates a Victory

Good Read of the Day

If you have a few minutes (20 to 30, I'd estimate), this profile of Army point guard Max Lenox is well worth your time. Lenox was born to a crack-addicted black mother and raised by two white gay fathers, both of whom helped shape him into the much-admired captain of the Black Knights.

Odds & Ends

Extra Mustard's review of Monday Night RAW ... This man went 207 mph (a world record) on a rocket-powered bicycle ... Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is not a Geno Smith fan ... Maria Sharapova seems to have her new boyfriend wrapped around her finger ... Enjoyed this history of rap in wrestling, courtesy of Complex ... Manny Ramirez is currently playing in the Domincan League and has no plans to retire ... Tim Hardaway Jr. may want to step away from Twitter for a while ... LeBron James recorded a shady triple-double last night ... This six-foot robot does a good Daniel LaRusso imitation ... Is TV exploiting Veteran's Day?

Inside the NFL's Replay Center

Behind-the-scenes at the NFL's New York-based replay center.

Randy Moss Meets Deion Sanders

Randy Moss discussed the first time he met Deion Sanders, and the animators at Fox Sports took it from there.

I Am Ali

Not sure whether to enter today's giveaway? Maybe this excerpt will convince you.

Music Video of the Day

Since I mentioned the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, it'd be a waste not to link to one of my favorite songs in the world. Here's the 1994 music video for Uncle Tupelo's "Chickamauga."

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