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By Extra Mustard
November 13, 2014

Professional coaches and athletes are known for their obsessive scouting of the opposition. For Joakim Noah, apparently there is a limit to how far he will go for his prep work.

Noah told Toronto Star sports columnist Bruce Arthur that Bulls center Pau Gasol was watching the Raptors' Nov. 9 home victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on the plane ride to Toronto for Chicago's game this evening.

Noah was impressed with Gasol's effort, he told Arthur, because he 'wouldn't watch that s--t."

Bulls' Joakim Noah makes shy fan's day with high five

So far this season, the Raptors are 7-1 and the 76ers are 0-7. Toronto beat Philadelphia 120-88 in their game last Sunday. It's possible that Noah didn't feel he could glean much insight from such a lopsided contest.

It's also possible he was composing a thoughtful rebuttal to Curt Shilling's extensive twitter argument against evolution or contemplating humanity's future among the stars.

He did not elaborate.

The Bulls face the Raptors tonight at 8 pm EST in Toronto.

- Christopher Woody

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