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By Extra Mustard
November 14, 2014

Baseball is an organized athletic contest in which groups of players ("teams") propel a ball through the air using bats and hands, earning points ("runs") for their efforts. At the end of a designated period of time ("a game") a winner is declared.

Drew Butera, as a catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is responsible for catching the ball, whether it was thrown by hand or hit with a bat, and for throwing the ball to other players when necessary.

It all seems so simple. But sometimes, we all need a reminder of the complexity and ambiguity of America's pasttime.

Confederation of African Football's website uses picture of Shea Stadium

On Friday, a Japanese fan provided us that reminder.

The fan's sign, which he acquired, perhaps by exchanging money for goods and services, is obviously incorrect.

Or is it?

Butera isn't a pitcher, but with his career .183 batting average, .239 on-base-percentage and .268 slugging percentage, he certainly "pitches" into his team's success. And, while he may not throw strikeouts, as a catcher he is an integral part of the strikeout process.

And 94 mph? Well friends, a relaxing evening at the ballpark always does seem to fly by.

Jose Canseco says his re-attached finger fell off while playing poker

In conclusion, baseball is a game of contrast.

- Christopher Woody



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