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Paul George is now an Indiana Pacers public relations intern after he complained about not having his own credential while he rehabs his leg. 

By Extra Mustard
November 19, 2014

Paul George has spent the NBA season so far sitting at the scorer's table during Pacers games while he rehabs his broken leg. It's primarily a safety move to keep him there, the team explains. 

The All-Star sits next to Indiana's director of media relations, David Benner, who gave him a credential for one game and told George if he's going to sit there, he will refer to him as his intern. 

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George apparently complained that he didn't have a seat card like everyone else at the table, so Benner found a long-term solution.

The NBA star seems to have a lot to learn about being an intern. George re-tweeted Benner's picture, adding "Nice comes with donuts?"

Who wants to tell him he's in charge of that?

- Molly Geary

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