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Kobe Bryant challenges himself with a 30-foot shot attempt

Down by nine with seven minutes remaining in the second quarter against Dallas, Kobe Bryant launched a roughly 30-foot jumper with six seconds left on the shot clock.

It didn't go in, and it didn't even hit the rim. But there's one thing that can't be denied: it was a basketball shot.

Unless the NBA has finally adopted the 10-point shot, an innovation for which we can thank the MTV Rock n' Jock era, Bryant's shot was a less-than-ideal end to that particular Lakers possession.

Bryant has never hesitated to take an unrealistic shot, either with the ball or otherwise. But this one might seem especially egregious, considering that the Lakers are currently 3-10 and have been getting outscored by an average of almost ten points.

The Lakers went on to lose to the Mavericks, 140-106. That may seem like an insurmountable margin, but remember, under Rock n' Jock rules, one made shot on the 50-point basket can get you right back in it.

- Christopher Woody