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Michigan fans are trying to crowdsource a Jim Harbaugh hiring

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For Michigan fans, that means trying to crowdsource a Jim Harbaugh hiring.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that desperate fans will resort to desperate measures.

Michigan is 5-6 this season and faces the daunting task of having to beat Ohio State at the Horseshoe on Saturday just to qualify for the Nobody Really Cares Bowl (that may or may not be a real bowl game).

Some Michigan fans have rejected the talk from interim athletic director Jim Hackett that he'll evaluate head coach Brady Hoke after the season -- they're already getting a jump on a potential hiring.

Earlier this month, one fan created a project on the crowdsourcing website calling for Hackett to hire San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. The project is currently taking donations and is hoping to raise $1 million, which will be donated to the charity of Harbaugh's choice if he comes to Michigan.

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From the site, which includes a written case for why the school needs to hire Harbaugh:

We need a leader. We need a champion. We need a groundbreaker. We NEED the best.

And we ALL know who that coach is. When you look through across the world of football one name stands out among the rest: Jim Harbaugh. #HireHarbaugh

Launched Nov. 7, the effort has raised a little more than $3,400 as of Monday afternoon. Donations will be refunded if Harbaugh hasn’t agreed to coach the Wolverines by Feb. 11.

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Fans have been using the Internet to call for coach hirings and firings since the birth of the web, but crowdsourcing hasn't often been employed. If Michigan lands Harbaugh, we might be seeing a lot more of this in the future.

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