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The Weekend Preview: Your weekly list of things to do, eat, watch, and buy for November 28th

Thanksgiving is over, and hopefully you're starting to emerge from your food coma. By now, you've probably reached your tolerance for spending time with family members explaining why you're not married yet, so we've assembled our weekly list of things to do, eat, watch, and buy to get you out of the house for a litle while. Don't worry, your uncle's uncomfortable jokes will still be waiting for you when you get back.

. Beat It! Piñata Party

Saturday | Brooklyn, NY

Seems like an awful long time since any of us have had the chance to break open a piñata, huh? New York comic Jo Firestone aims to change that with her interactive art installation full of piñatas and stuffed animals that you can beat the daylights out of. Finally, a workout that ends in candy! 

. Backyard football, JJ Watt-style

Your own backyard!

You’ll never be able to play football like the incomparable JJ Watt, but he was kind enough to tweet out some tips for playing a friendly game of football with your relatives while you’re having forced Thanksgiving fun. Rules include a pie-penalty for unnecessary roughness and a requirement that each team must have a player from the kids table. For a full list of rules, click here. 

. Denver Curling Club

Denver, CO

. Iron Bowl

Saturday | ESPN

Watch one of the most notorious rivalries in college sports when Auburn takes on Alabama this Saturday. Get mentally prepared with our College Football - Iron Bowl preview, including betting odds for those of you looking to strike it rich, and then head over to our roundup of the top Iron Bowl moments of all time to relive the past glories/embarrassments and get all amped up for this year’s Bowl. 

. Touch the Wall

Thanksgiving release

Follow swimmers Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn-Joyce on their journey to the 2012 Olympics in London. When veteran swimmer Lynn-Joyce paired up with the teenage (!!) Franklin, the two discovered an ideal training partnership. But as is the case with many athletes, neither one wanted to share the spotlight. The film follows their blooming friendship, its downfall, and their reconciliation. For an exclusive clip, click here. 

. Punkin Chunkin: Superchunk!

Saturday | Discovery Channel

All right, pumpkin, your season is officially over, and you’re not welcome in this town anymore. The Discovery Channel is giving gourds a goodbye and a good riddance in this special program detailing their violent demise. Watch as pumpkins are launched through the air via catapult, trebuchet, and probably some other stuff, too. If you have any young pumpkins at home, you should cover their eyes. 

. The Howdy Dog

Kyle Field, Texas

Big conundrum: you’re going to the Texas A&M/LSU game, so you feel like you should order a hot dog, but you’re in the south, so you really want chicken fried steak. What are you going to do? Simple. Eat the Howdy Dog, a chicken fried hot dog smothered in jalapeño and sausage gravy. For more information, including a calories count, if you dare, check out our Concession Food Item of the Week. 

. The Turkey Gobbler

Kauffman Stadium, Missouri

Got some Thanksgiving leftovers? Why settle for a boring reheated plate of yesterday’s fare when you could take a page from the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium and combine all those flavors into one delicious sandwich? For more information about the sandwich, including ingredients and a (gulp) calorie count, click right here. 

. NFL Logo Pancakes

If you think you’re a big deal because you made your nephews Mickey Mouse pancakes that one time, then step aside. These NFL Logo pancakes look so cool, you almost won’t want to eat them (emphasis on the “almost”). Pancakes are always delicious, but there’s something extra satisfying about literally devouring the opposing team. 

. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

If you’re going to enter the fray of Black Friday shopping and you don’t want to get hurt, you need a game plan. Look no further than our list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for sports fans. Find out about cool discounts on big-screen TVs, NBA season tickets, and more. If you do want to punch some people, though, get out there and have at it!

. SI’s holiday gift guide

You might be an adult, but let’s be real - you want to unwrap toys this year. While you might have outgrown that old Buzz Lightyear in your room (lol no you haven’t), we’ve got plenty of toys for grown-up sports lovers in our Holiday Gift Guide. Simply send this along to all your relatives so you don’t have to fake-smile while opening your 15th iTunes gift card.

. Sports gifts no one wants or needs

We put together the Holiday Gift Guide for you and your loved ones, but what about your sworn enemies. Well, I have great news! We’ve also assembled this bizarro Holiday Gift Guide full of terrible garbage that no one should ever give as a gift! Perfect for White Elephant parties or your one coworker who clips her nails at her desk.

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