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By Extra Mustard
December 01, 2014

Syracuse football went 3-9 this season, including five straight losses to end it, so you'd think recruiting would be a priority. 

But wide receiver recruit West Lindor, who committed to the Orange in July, told that he's now going to look elsewhere. The reason?

The coaches were ignoring him. 

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"I messaged them multiple times and they ignored me," Lindor said. "Wish I could've balled out with Syracuse, but I need to do what's best for me.

"It kind of sucks because I wouldn't have left them for any program. I kept my word, but then again life isn't always fair and I accept that."

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As points out, this story is very similar to one from just a month earlier, when cornerback Gerald Robinson decommitted and said the reason was "nobody" from the school was keeping in touch with him. 

That's a bit of a concerning trend. Perhaps the staff at Syracuse just keeps its phones on silent? Either way, the staff just might want to look into this. 

- Molly Geary

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