By Andy Gray
December 03, 2014

Crazy Night in NBA

Justin Verlander, Kate Upton and CC Sabathia :: AP

Tuesday was one of the wilder nights in the NBA. The Bulls and Mavs went to double-overtime, thanks in part to this dumb foul by Kirk Hinrich on Monta Ellis and this amazing three-pointer by Derek Rose ... Stephen Curry calmly buried a three-pointer with two seconds left to lead Golden State past Orlando ... A "pissed off" Kevin Durant made his season debut against New Orleans but that was overshadowed by Kendrick Perkins' sad attempt at posting up Anthony Davis ... Robin Lopez hit a game-winning layup as the Blazers edged the Nuggets 105-103 ... I went to bed in a good mood as the Celtics led by 16 over Atlanta. When I woke up, they'd lost again ... LeBron and the Cavs held off Milwaukee at home, which made Kate Upton, Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia happy (though not as happy as the Cavs mascot after this move).

Only in New York

A fan attending last night's Knicks-Nets game at MSG was ejected for being unruly. That fan, it turns out, has a prosthetic leg and, according to security, took it off and started swinging it at people after he learned of the ejection. He was eventually carried out by four guards while holding the leg and screaming in pain. And since it's NYC, there was a movie being filmed during the game, though this incident had nothing to do with it.

Snapchat Advice for Jameis Winston 

Try to be more subtle. You'll be surprised at the results.

(Wicked Smart) Lovely Lady of the Day

Meet Rachel Peterson, a former 49ers cheerleader, MIT grad and current Harvard Business School student. Trust me, I spent three years working at the Harvard Business Review before joining SI and I never came across anyone who looked like Rachel. I had to track her down for a quick Q&A.  (click here for full-size gallery)​

Full Name: Rachel Peterson 
Hometown: Miami Beach, Fla.
School: MIT & Harvard Business School
College Major: Chemical Engineering and now MBA
Cheerleading Experience: San Francisco 49ers (2011-2013)

My friends would be surprised to know that I: am not naturally flexible. I had to put in many hours of stretching to become a cheerleader!

My celebrity crush is, and why: Elon Musk. He is intelligent and working on big problems.

My favorite Professional Sports Team is…: 49ers! Obviously

My one guilty pleasure is: Anything flavored with truffle

You are, according to my research, the first NFL cheerleader who also attended MIT and Harvard. Do people from business school know about your past life as a cheerleader? If so, what's the general reaction? Yes, many of my classmates are aware and some have commended me for going after my passion and taking a non-traditional path.

Who do you like to win the Super Bowl this year (and you can't say 49ers)?  Unfair! If I can’t choose the Niners, I will go with my hometown team -- the Miami Dolphins.

2014 NBA Census

Best Tickets Blog published its annual data visualization census, which looks at the 400+ players in the NBA. Did you know that center ($5.39 million) is the position with the highest annual salary while small forward ($3.74 million) is the lowest? Or that Duke and Kentucky (18) have produced the most current NBA players?

Cast Your Vote 

2015 NHL All-Star Jersey Leak?

I Agree Completely

Going to the Smithsonian

Kevin Arnold's Jets jacket is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

From the SI Vault

Jean Beliveau :: James Drake/SI

Montreal’s Jean Beliveau died last night at the age of 83. In this 1967 photo, the Canadiens forward tries to squeeze between two New York defenders during a Habs-Rangers game. Beliveau spent all 20 of his NHL seasons with the Canadiens, beginning in 1950. He finished his career with 507 career goals, 10 Stanley Cups championships and two MVP awards. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

Worst arena name in sports: Talking Stick Resort Arena, now home of the Phoenix Suns ... I didn't realize competitive bass fishing was so shady ... Former SMU coach Phil Bennett, who was fired after a 1-11 season (and an 18-52 record overall), didn't turn on his computer once during his entire coaching tenure ... This 77-year-old grandma can deadlift 215 pounds ... Chad Johnson wants to be the next coach at Michigan ... The most popular baby names of 2014 ... Sony executives' salaries were leaked ... 25 Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

Six-Pack of Highlights

The best action from a busy Tuesday in sports.

J.J. Watt: Male Stripper?

The Texans star appears in this Magic Mike parody.

The Next Great Sideline Reporter

Nick "Swaggy P" Young takes over a postgame interview of teammate Jordan Hill.

20 TV Theme Songs in Two Minutes

Comedian/composer Daniel Koren makes his own three-man band and plays a bunch of TV theme songs.

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