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Iowa and Iowa State team managers played each other Thursday night and they were lucky enough to be blessed by the analysis of Jay Bilas.

By Extra Mustard
December 11, 2014

Iowa and Iowa State meet Thursday in another edition of their in-state rivalry, and like many rivalries, the affair is preceded by a game between each team's managers the night before.

Unlike many rivalries, the Hawkeye State rivalry manager game has been blessed with the analysis of Jay Bilas himself. The Bilastrator got started on his preview long before tipoff.

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As the game approached, Bilas started to get into the nitty gritty of his analysis.

And when Doherty had the unbelievable nerve to try and correct Bilas by saying his nickname is actually "Frat" Doherty, Bilas was sure to correct the misguided youngster.

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Finally it was time to play. Unfortunately, there weren't many people as interested in the game as Bilas.

Something tells us there will be more fans in attendance for Friday's game.

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