Watch: Steve Addazio uses 'dude' puns to promote Pinstripe Bowl

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Boston College football coach Steve Addazio's guiding principle for his program is simple: Be a dude. 

What's being a dude?

"[W]hat being a dude is is being a baller," Addazio said in 2013. "You know? Just being a real baller. Just being a dude."

Alright. Sure. 

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So Addazio wants BC fans to be dudes and come to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium on Dec. 27, and he's got some puns to try and persuade you. 

Actually, aside from "Dude-enheim Museum" they're not even puns. He's just replacing the first syllable of each word with "dude." "Dude Square?" Come on, dude.

- Dan Gartland