Fan gets a surprise gift from Seahawks for Christmas

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A Seattle Seahawks fan got a special Christmas package from running back Robert Turbin. To say it made his Christmas would appear to be quite an understatement.

Turbin's girlfriend happened to see the fan in the video, Alex, walking around Kansas City in a Seahawks jacket before the two teams played in November and offered to introduce him to the running back after the game, but Alex's phone died before he could meet up with the player.

In the video, Alex opens a package he received from the Seattle Seahawks, with some help from his son and a very slow moving pair of scissors, to find Turbin sent him a helmet signed by the entire team, at which point the fan is overcome with joy.

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You cannot watch this video without being happy for the superfan and also terrified by the child's disregard for basic scissor safety.

Brendan Maloy