December 30 is LeBron James' birthday and in honor of King James turning 30, SportsNation has created the #GiftsForLeBron hashtag. Twitter has jumped on it fast, with some pretty great ideas for presents.  

By Extra Mustard
December 30, 2014

Today, Dec. 30, is LeBron James' 30th birthday, so SportsNation has created the #GiftsForLeBron hashtag. Not surprisingly, Twitter has jumped on it fast, with a few great ideas for presents.

Justin Bieber eats it while skateboarding

There are lots more, but the vast majority of them are lazy jokes about LeBron's fading hairline.

Hopefully James' wife and children get him gifts that are a little less mean-spirited than those brainstormed by Twitter. 

Brendan Maloy

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